Blue Digital Yoga Leggings | FiT Geek

Blue Digital Yoga Leggings | FiT Geek

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Blue is my absolute favorite color. I think everyone looks fabulous in this color of blue!

The Blue Digital Leggings are a simpler design. Digital (data or signals) are expressed in 0's and 1's. What's cool about these is the 0's and 1's are on the front of one leg and on the back of the other. 

Yes, I know I am overly tan in this picture. :) I did a figure competition and the first thing I did afterwards was put on my comfy crocs (yes, I love them - don't judge), these super silky blue leggings, and my tank from the Spotlight Squad who did my hair, make up, and tan for the competition for all the professional pics you see on this site!

Now, back to the silky soft leggings. You won't want to ever take these off. They go with everything. Dress them up or down. Doesn't matter! 

How do you wear yours? Send us your pic on Facebook or tag us on Instagram. We want to see!