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Matrix Binary Rain Yoga Leggings | FiT Geek Boutique

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These leggings are ahhhhh-mazing! Whenever I wear these out and about, I get so many compliments on the design and you will too! 

Let me share with you the story behind the Matrix Binary Rain Leggings:

These are intended to look like a Matrix Binary Rain image that you see a lot in movies, on tv, etc. If only we could make moving, animated leggings like this! Right?

I had the idea for these leggings in my mind but had no clue how to make the design. So, I went over to YouTube of course to figure out how to actually make this design. I found a great 3 minute tutorial that helped me make this come to life! I always say that I am really good at making software be functional not pretty. 

Heather's Pro Tip

When you have an idea but have no clue how to make it happen, that's a great opportunity to learn skills and abilities that are necessary to make your idea come to life. It's a lot easier and much more rewarding to learn the skills you need to make something happen. When you can put your skills to good use, it's a great feeling! 

What have you taught yourself how to do lately? Give me a shout on Facebook and share your awesome new skill!