Who We Are

Who we are
1. We are world-changers, whether we change the entire world or change the world for one person.
2. We have always been just a little bit quirky. Somedays, we're a lot quirky. Our quirkiness makes our loved ones laugh and is sometimes we find it funny too.
3. We don't let math intimidate us. Maybe it wasn't cool to be good at math when we were younger. Maybe math was a little bit of a struggle. Now we know the importance of inspiring the next generation to take a chance at quadratic equations.
4. We know that woman do amazing things alongside other talented women and men. We encourage, motivate, and support both men and women working to make the world a better place with their in-demand, sometimes geeky skills. 
5. With great honor, we know it's up to us to be leaders and help make the path for those following us to be a bit less rocky. 
6. We nourish our intellect with stimulating conversation, reading books, exploring the world, and sharing what we know with others.
7. We know that our body is a vessel to accomplish great things and we must take care of it to accomplish what we've set out to do.
8. We believe that while dresses and heels or a suit and tie look nice, it always feels great to jump into comfy hoodie, t-shirt, and sweats at the end of the day. 
9. We always make sure to have a bit of fun, let loose, and stop over-analyzing ideas. After all, some of the best ideas happen at 2 am when we've finally stopped thinking so much... and are written on a half-used napkin!